Offroad Desert Petroglyph Hunting

Random glyphs. Location: middle of nowhere, Utah
Easter Sunday during a pandemic. Such strange times.

We decided to do a little off-roading -- hoping that our trusty Xterra would make it to some new gnarly spots in the southern Utah desert. I had some GPS data from a friend that would lead us to a really cool spiral petroglyph. But since our 'terra is getting very old and clunky, with a hood latch that's about to pop off, we were a little extra anxious. Going up and over sandstone and rocky outcroppings can be nail biting :)

Hazy Zion National Park in the distance.

Desert Oasis

We found it! RAWR!

Other random glyphs

petroglyph turkey tracks

These are weird times. Our family is pretty much experts on social distancing :) In the midst of all this chaos, I'm very fortunate to have our amazing planet Earth to be our partner in all of this crazy.

  1. Too bad you don't share locations of these things like your "friends" did with you. But I see you are on Little Creek Mesa at the petroglyph site. Do you have the locations of all the pit houses and waterglyphs? I do.

    1. I take my friends there. I don't post locations online cuz ya know.. people like to ruin things.


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