Oct 27, 2017

Cookie Cutter Petroglyphs

Some of the coolest rock art I've seen close to home
I'm always on the hunt to find new and secret rock art panels in southern Utah. A couple of years ago I saw a website with some really unique petroglyphs that were called "the cookie cutter petroglyphs". The location of the rock art appeared to be nearby (within an hour) and so I started to gather information from the web and google earth to see if I could find a logical and easy route to the panels.

Steve and I tried a couple of times to find a safe route to the area where they were located (we tracked that down via various blogs and gps waypoints) but we always got turned around by bad/dangerous roads.

Google Earth has really improved over the past years -- and finally, FINALLY, we thought we might see a viable route to the edge of the cliff where these cool carvings resided. So off we went, with a shovel and tow rope. And a super sketchy map.

Finding what you set out to find is like being a little kid all over again -- I was so giddy and excited! We found our treasure.

big, deep cuts create an amazing work of art

We've been searching for these glyphs for a looong time now. Yay!

This was my favorite panel because it seemed to have such a deliberate message. What do you think it means?
The cookie cutter panel is located out near Colorado City, AZ on the border of Utah. The fun part is the hunt -- and I'm confident if I can find it, so can you! :)

Have fun and be safe out there.

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