Birthday Arch

Harry relaxes in the shadows of this big arch
Birthday Arch! The name alone just sounds fun -- and the hike to get here was really easy and perfect for a spring or fall day with the family. The hike is about 4 miles round trip from where you park your car off of highway 89.

Birthday Arch was a lot bigger than I expected! Fun!

Lots of cool stuff out here in the middle of nowhere. Like this big rock pillar.

Better than a playground.

Navajo Mountain in the distance. I love being this!

JJ is just a small fry in this big big world

CRazy rock man -- looks like a giant or something :)
We also had some crazy friends rappel through the middle of the arch. Maybe next time :) Too chicken.
Getting There: Birthday Arch is located off Utah Highway 89 at mile marker 9¾ (17.3 miles from Carl Hayden Visitor Center Lake Powell). Park your car and follow the sandy wash about 1.5 miles or so -- you'll see the big arch in the distance along the western cliffs.

Have fun!

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