Handprints Cave

There's no shortage of awesome Indian ruins and artifacts in southern Utah. The handprints cave is a very special place. It is hidden from the world, and filled with wonderful cave art and old graineries. It's always fun to take friends to these places.

A fun crew :)


Discovering ancient cave art

This one's a lil' feisty :)

Mack isn't always a scrunt. He's actually our best hiking buddy!

Fun stuff :)


Hiking back at sunset in Angel Canyon = pure blissful beauty
There are no directions to this sacred spot that you can find online. I like it this way. We've seen way too much vandalism of these very special places and so the better well-hidden, the more pristine they can remain. But if you want to see them, come visit us in Kanab and we'll take you here :)

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