Cobra Arch! We won!

Just found out that Steve's picture of me running over Cobra Arch won Editor's Choice in Trail Runner magazine! Weee! This is so awesome.

Stunning Cobra Arch is nestled in a quiet corner of the Paria Canyon Wilderness, just north of Buckskin Gulch.

Hi, I'm Jill and I'm addicted to trail running. Yup, pretty much. And the crazier the terrain the better. I love slick rock! I love hills! I love the desert. This pic makes my heart happy :)

Here are a few more photos from this day that I never had the chance to post. I would highly recommend this hike. The entire adventure, from the drive to the trailhead, finding the arch, and back to your car, is a sensory overload. For directions, email me @

Here ya go!

sitting on the cobra's head :)

off again!
  1. All these I look at every one of your blog posts and think to myself "I MUST go there." You have an amazing eye for good pictures.

  2. Thanks Cory! I feel the same about your site :)


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