Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mom's Day at Weaver's Cave

Mother's Day is my favorite day. I love seeing my little boys grow up into sturdy, adventurous big boys. I am so lucky that they share my love of exploring (MOST TIMES). Today I got to choose the adventure -- and I had read about Weaver's Cave a while back -- and we tried to hike here in the fall. But it was a cold day, and there was a water hole that we just didn't think we'd get past. So today was the day we'd figure it out.

Hiking into the unknown amazingness that is planet Earth

Cave 1: Spirals


Called Weaver's Cave because of the unique pictographs inside a series of caves that depict a weaver's art, tools, and designs.

I like this weird thing behind me.

My hearts

So so rad. blankets? shawls?


Not another human soul in sight. My perfect kinda day.

I love these people. They made my day 👌💓
Never stop exploring xoxo