Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mom's Day at Weaver's Cave

Mother's Day is my favorite day. I love seeing my little boys grow up into sturdy, adventurous big boys. I am so lucky that they share my love of exploring (MOST TIMES). Today I got to choose the adventure -- and I had read about Weaver's Cave a while back -- and we tried to hike here in the fall. But it was a cold day, and there was a water hole that we just didn't think we'd get past. So today was the day we'd figure it out.

Hiking into the unknown amazingness that is planet Earth

Cave 1: Spirals


Called Weaver's Cave because of the unique pictographs inside a series of caves that depict a weaver's art, tools, and designs.

I like this weird thing behind me.

My hearts

So so rad. blankets? shawls?


Not another human soul in sight. My perfect kinda day.

I love these people. They made my day 👌💓
Never stop exploring xoxo

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Clamshell: A local fav

Sometimes I just need to get outside for an hour or two -- after work -- as the sun is setting. JJ and I first tried to find an  elusive waterglyph nearby (FAIL) so instead I headed to a local favorite called The Clamshell.

My adventure buddy for the evening.
Concentric circles (my fav!) and footprint. RAD.

I love this particular glyph -- bc it's a mini waterglyph!!

Do you see the footprint?? :)
Man -- I forgot how cool this place is. If you're in Fredonia, AZ or Kanab, UT -- send me an email and I'll take ya here. LATER dudes. xoxo

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Cup and Channel Glyph overlooking the Grand Canyon

This one took a little research to find. On my quest to find every cup and channel glyph (aka waterglyph), I came across a blog post showing this spectacular specimen and was suddenly obsessed with finding it (shocking, huh.)

Navigating to the particular spot was long and sandy. Mile and miles of long stretches over desert terrain, heading towards marble canyon in the Vermillion Cliffs. Basically the drive consisted of many wrong turns, stops to take pics of cows and wild flowers, and then scanning the landscape for anything that looked like the pic I saw online. Yeh, we were gone all day :)

Miles of this. Not bad :)
The area where this particular glyph was located turned out to be very close to the start of the Grand to Grand Ultra. I was getting all kinds of weird, nostalgic feelings.

We stopped a few places to get out and search for the glyph. Not a bad view anywhere once you get to the rim.

No glyph here --- but THAT VIEW

When plants are bigger than you

Taking a break with the Swags
Finally we saw another "finger" of the canyon that looked promising. So we decided to drive down one more dirt road. SUCCCCCCEESSSS!

This was such an awesome day with my favorite people. HIGH FIVE!

Friday, February 1, 2019

A steep climb to a RAD glyph

Another day, another glyph.  "Encouraged" the kids to help me find this one. We hiked way up to the top of a mesa overlooking Kanab Creek to the west. And we had success :)

So tired 😂