Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Gold Butte National Monument: Thanks, Obama!

On the very first official day that Gold Butte was designated a National Monument (weirdly coincidental, we didn't even plan that one!) we headed out on an adventure to find The Falling Man petroglyph. Steve and I hiked out this way back in 2015 to find the Kohta Circus panel (equally freakin' amazing) and decided to bring the kids back to explore some more.

We walked right by this dude the first time around -- can you spot him on top right?
Gold Butte National Monument is in Nevada, about an hour from Vegas, and is home to countless cultural, historic, and natural wonders. It is home to the endangered Mojave desert tortoise (lots of petroglyphs of this guy..). It is such a unique and remote place -- and thanks to President Obama it will now be preserved for future generations.

We hiked through just a very small portion of the 300,000 acres, but this specific area of the Monument is home to hundreds of petroglyphs. We found about that many on this beautiful sunny December afternoon.

JJ explains to his brother the meaning off all this

wonderful rock wall filled with art

There he is! Falling Man.

La la la hop skip and jump (meanwhile some really cool petroglyphs)

This awesomeness is called "Newspaper Rock"

"Bigfoot" site

Desert Tortoises

My favorite way to spend life.

Art on ledges

This panel is called 21 Goats. It was a bit off the beaten path -- but an awesome little side trip

Best day! note the cool glyphs as we walk away :)
There are so many crazy things happening in the world lately. Getting outside and exploring, living life, breathing fresh air, and being with my favorite people make it a little more tolerable :)

Getting there:
I-15 S to 5 miles past Mesquite to exit 112 (Riverside/Bunkerville exit). Left at stop sign towards Bunkerville. After about 3 miles, the road/minor highway crosses the Virgin River and immediately past the bridge crossing the river is an intersection which is unmarked. The road is Gold Butte Road. Continue for 20 miles. The turn off will be on the right hand side (dirt/rough road).

After 1.2 miles on the dirt road it forks. Take the left fork and continue another .7 miles to the parking area surrounded by a wooden fence. Trail starts here!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Three-headed man panel and Teacher's Rock

Three Headed Man
We found some petroglyphs "off the beaten path" near Hurricane, UT. Going off little more than a GPS map with red dots and circles from a friend, Steve and I set out to find the three-headed man panel and another site called "teacher's rock". It was a success!

These glyphs are really close to another awesome dude -- Yellow Man! You can read about Yellow Man in a previous entry.

This collection of rock art was so cool -- there was a one headed, two headed, three headed AND FOUR HEADED person! In this panel you can see the two-headed dude at the top.
Can you find 4-headed man off to the right?

Nearby the "headed" panels is another unique spot called Teacher's Rock. It's called this because of the flat "blackboard" feel, w/ a giant rock plunked right in front that the "students" could sit on to learn.
Teacher Rock
close up of some of the art

All of this artwork is scattered around southern Utah. I'm not givin' away directions to this one :)

Go explore and discover some new things each day :) xoxo