Monday, January 25, 2016

Oak Canyon petroglyphs

A symbol of good luck in the hunt
Just when I thought Kanab couldn't get any cooler, we were treated to an unexpected tour of some really magnificent petroglyphs on a nearby private ranch. The afternoon was filled with art, dinotracks, fossils, a mummy cave (YEH, for REAL!), and some ruins.

Frog man

Then gentleman who owned the property took time to tell us about the history of the ranch, the meaning behind the symbols and cowboy glyphs (more recent signatures and wall carvings circa 1920's). It was interesting to hear the stories behind the people who once inhabited this area. He then took us on a bumpy, fun ATV ride to more ruins and even the site of a REAL mummy that is now in the Smithsonian!

Cowboy glyphs

"bird in hand" and 2 kokopellis underneath. love this!


awesome. So many different styles seen here.

A partial view of the big panel (which is over 75 ft. long)

This was harry's favorite glyph (the long centipede thingie)
Here are a few more photos from our adventure

That little hole is the mummy cave!!

The boys exploring some more ruins and caves

Harry's cow butt mask

I thought this old truck was pretty rad :)
I am really grateful to the ranch owner and his special tour that he gave to our family. I know my kiddos are going to remember this for a long time. Thank you, Roger!

Monday, January 18, 2016

White Wave

An unusually warm Sunday gave way to an adventure-filled afternoon exploring the high desert. Our destination was the a unique short slot canyon called the White Wave (sometimes referred to as Nautilus Wave). I'll post directions at the bottom.

Entrance to the white wave

My little explorers

The desert makes for the quintessential playground for kids and pets :)

Harry checkin' things out .. wondering "How was this formed?"
The "hike" to the wave was very short, maybe half mile at most, down a sandy wash. The scenery was nothing short of spectacular, stunning slickrock, swirly rocks, orange and white hues. The wave feature that we were looking for is essentially a short slot canyon which looks like the shell of a sea snail.

Although the wave part was really small, the entire area was fun to explore. It's a great place for kiddos, and there's infinite sand, striped walls and desert varnish, lots of neat rocks, sticky slabs of sandstone to scale... you can just let your imagination go wild! The dogs also had the BEST day, digging for treasure, running and exploring.

desert varnish

JJ atop the nautilus wave

Emo artsy shot

sand surfing


Ripples, fins and stripes of orange and pink

Orange sherbet walls

The great wide open

Happy pooches

Tucker is all... tuckered out.

desert veins
 To get to the white wave:

Take the Hwy 89 from Kanab, UT and turn right after around 43 miles in direction to the BLM Paria Ranger Station. Turn left a few feet towards the white house campground (the dirt road straight ahead leads to the visitor center). The road is typically OK for 2wd. For road conditions ask at the ranger station.

After 1.4 miles you reach the parking place on the right hand (right after driving across the wash you will walk down). The walk starts in the wash heading east. After about .5 miles you can see the Nautilus rock on the right.

Have fun! Peace :)