Friday, October 16, 2015

Official G2G photos

I'm still in recovery mode from the G2G Ultra nearly 3 weeks ago. 170 miles can do that to you, I guess :) I'm just plain exhausted! I have had so many emotions lately. I'm glad that I am done! That I finished! I get sad when I look at photos because a part of me wants to be back there. I think of the miles covered (I have a hard time wrapping my head around it, to be honest). I think of the friendships made (I really miss these amazing runners). I think of the sunrises and sunsets (and remember thinking how lucky I am that I see these all the time living in Kanab!) It's a weird feeling I have right now and I can't really explain it. But, anyhow, I got the official race photos! And they're too good not to share :) So here goes!
The morning of day 1. Look how clean I am!!

Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon. I have no clue what is in store.

Day 1 -- nervous


Me and Mike, who ran in sandals :)

Day 1, about 5 miles from camp. I could not wait to get there.

Crossing another finish line

Haha.. ahh camp.

This is Joe, an awesome volunteer. He's the best!

Still smilin'

I remember how happy I was to see local photographer Barry Glazier. That made me SMILE!!

Oh yeh, we had some climbing, too.

This was stage 5. I know you can't see it here, but I was a freakin' mess this day. Tears nonstop.

At the finish line with race directors Colin and Tess. They are just the best!

Country flags at sunset Stage 2. Beautiful site.

My best mountain goat impression

Camp on night 1. So beautiful seeing the tents all aglow.

Race day morning - Day 1. Grand Canyon. Everyone! I'm on the left next to the flags in the back row with my hands up.

And we are off!

Just one of the many checkpoints

Campsite from above

An awesome reminder on day 6 that we were almost there!!

Finish line of stage 5.

I will cherish these photos forever. I am so thankful for the crew and volunteers who were there with us, keeping us safe and preserving these memories. xoxo

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lion's Mouth Pictographs

Chillin' under some Sweeeeet pictographs
Wow! What a Sunday! I heard about some really awesome rock art just outside Cedar City and since it was the most gorgeous day EVER and I knew that the fall colors would be pretty rad up on the mountain, we headed north.

Fiery aspens in lava rocks. Ugh. Too beautiful!!


The drive alone would have been perfection for a Sunday afternoon. But the pictographs we were about to discover were just amazing.

We found the trail head pretty easily. Lion's Mouth Cave has some of the most vibrant images I've seen with no graffiti. This site is truly a treasure.

Cool plankton looking dude

Bright colors with extensive detail

This looked like Phoenix Rising to me :)

These kids ... so LUCKY

Still trying to figure these glyphs out.. not sure what they could represent. Any ideas?
The hike was less than a mile. Crazy, right? Such a special area and I can only imagine what else could be nearby.

Close up of Plankon (seriously Sponge Bob fans, am I right??!?)

Just hangin' out in a cave with 10,000 year old art. No big.

Happy hikers

Weird bacon glyph :)

Bear tracks and stuff
What an awesome day. Two more pics and then I'll be done :)

JJ took this cool shot of me that I LOVE and then one more of this cool butterfly that is always hangin' around. I finally got his pic after he stop dive-bombing us.

On top of Lion's Mouth Caves

This persistent winged friend is always flappin' around
Awesome birthday weekend for me. Hiking, colorful leaves, pumpkin spiced coffee and snacks, chilly air, blue skies... Yeh. Life is pretty awesome :)