Monday, September 14, 2015

Yellow Man

check out this cool dude
This weekend we returned to a familiar spot out near Hurricane, UT where there is a really neat pictograph called Yellow Man (for obvious reasons!). But besides the yellow dude seen in the photo above, this entire area is riddled with petroglyphs, arrowheads, pictographs, and ruins. It's also gorgeous country with lots of room to explore with friends (the furry kind, too, who can be off leash).

Cool pictos near Yellow Man

Jeez when did my baby get so big? Ugh. In other news, cool petroglyphs above his head.

Can you spot the petroglyphs on the rock wall?

Double trouble (one with attitude)
You know my favorite part about exploring? Finding really random, unexpected treasures. While we were just mulling around, climbing over rocks and ledges, I happened to look over and spot these very faded glyphs. I've never seen these mentioned online before!!! Did we discover something new?!?

faded footprints :)

can you see those little baby ones on the right side? Neato!

The entire hidden panel
My equally favorite part is sharing these adventures with friends. And these are some of the best friends you can ever get :) Sometimes they even bring cake.

Tucker the wonderdog
One of the coolest chicks I know!
For as much whining as this next little character did, I'm surprised I got a good smiling pic.

Chillin' on some rocks
Swags in his personal swimming tub, filled with gross water and dead things.
I think this dog is kinda lovin' his life.
Just a gentle reminder to get out and have adventures. No matter where you live, there's a great big world out there. So unplug, and get some fresh air. xoxo

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Water Canyon - Our oasis in the desert

A nice photo op with my scrunt, Mack
Water Canyon is a wonderful little watering hole near Colorado City, AZ. However, this past Labor Day it was a great big awesome watering hole after we got dumped on with a sudden but strong downpour the night before.

Steve and I had a rare outing without the boys, so we packed up Mack and Swaggy for a remote place to go hiking. After getting turned around twice due to really bad/clay/muddy/getyourcarstuckforsure roads, we opted for Water Canyon which we knew would be a good place to cool off. We didn't expect that the pools would be SO deep or that the waterfalls would be SO abundant! Awesomeness!

Swags fell into this narrow little hobby hole :)
Look at his cute smile! Happy wolf!

Cooling off
We decided to hike up Canaan Mountain and see what else we could find -- we found lots of scary cliffs (which Swagger was very eager to check out .. "it's ok, mom, I won't fall off".. minor heart attacks from mom)

Daredevil dogs

I love Canaan Mountain. It's so remote and beautiful. Because it had rained so much, we stumbled upon two additional waterfalls, and breathtaking country, of course.

I will never EVER take this for granted

Our view from high above Water Canyon

:) Happy

Lucky ducks

The entrance to Water Canyon
This life is pretty great. This Earth is amazing. Get out and explore it! Unplug -- and make memories :) xoxoxo

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Two weeks until the Grand to Grand Ultra

I can't believe that my race of a lifetime is just two weeks away. On Sunday, September 20, I will be running the Grand to Grand Ultra, the first and only self-supported footrace in America.

My pack -- I think I need a name for her. Suggestions?

WHAT THIS MEANS: I will be running over 172 miles from the Grand Canyon (my happy place) to the Grand Staircase (running through Kanab!) and the only supplies I will be given by the race crew is water. And shelter at night.

DETAILS: I must carry all my calories for 7 days (minimum 2000 calories/day), headlamps, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, extra clothes, etc while running across the relentless desert.

I love to run. And I love the desert. I'm ready for this! I'm so so excited!!

One of the biggest challenges of the race is ensuring you have proper food and gear. The required calories is 2000/day. But I decided to pad that a bit because the last thing I want is to be hungry. Yesterday I spent hours, and hours, vitamixing, packing, repacking, and reanalyzing every little thing I was going to take along.

Food and gear for the G2G Ultra
Here's the breakdown:

  • 2 Honey Stinger chews
  • 7 Honey Stinger gingerbread waffles
  • 6 Honey Stinger power bars
  • 13 Honey Stinger gels
  • 700 calories of crushed potato chips
  • 7 days worth of Rebound (electrolytes) mixed w/ Tangy Tangerine (vitamins) and Pollen Burst (energy)

  • Breakfasts: 7 days worth of oats, chia and protein powder
  • Lunch(es): Mac and cheese (pulverized), Ramen (pulverized), chili Mac (pulverized)
  • Dinner(s): Mountain House Beef Stroganoff, dehydrated and pulverized, 2 servings; Nat Geo Chicken and Rice, dehydrated and pulverized, 2 servings; Mountain House lasagna, dehydrated and pulverized, 2 servings; Mountain House sweet and sour pork AND chicken and rice with extra minute rice, dehydrated and pulverized.
  • Extras: Extra chocolate protein and oats, extra mac and cheese, one extra dinner, just in case. Tea and coffee. 

  • Raidlight Ultralight Olmo 20 White with 2x 750ml Bottles
  • Yeti sleeping bag (courtesy of Omar Davis -- this thing weighs nothing! Almost unreal!)
  • sleeping pad (I also got this from Omar, who ran this race 2 years ago. It's lightweight and will provide a better night's sleep than a thinner pad). I don't even know the brand.. Omar?
  • Patagonia lightweight down jacket
  • Smartwool short sleeve top
  • Smartwool running shorts
  • Smartwool sports bra
  • Smartwool long underwear, super light (for camp)
  • Smartwool long sleeve super light top (for camp)
  • Injinji toe socks
  • Salomon Speed Cross 3
  • Dirty Girl Gaitors
  • Compression sleeves
  • Gerber featherlight knife
  •  Black Diamond carbon collapsible trekking poles
  • 2 Black Diamond headlamps
  • blister kit
  • leukotape
  • silicone collapsible bowl for tea/coffee
  • flipflops for camp
  • G2G buff
  • random other stuff
It was definitely a game of Tetris trying to fit all of this into my pack. But a super helpful video by another runner, Michael Stashin, really helped in a big way. You gotta check that video out, even just for everyday hiking!
 I weighed my pack last night and it came in at just under 18 lbs! YEH!

Stay tuned for information as the race gets closer. I'll be posting links to daily race results, info on how you can email me during the week (!!!!), and just other general chit chat like how I'm soooo nervous I could puke. Yeh, that's kinda where I'm at right now.

Thanks for reading! :)